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Explore Bali's Untamed Wilderness


White Water Rafting

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Bali white water rafting offers an exhilarating adventure amidst the island’s lush natural beauty. As you navigate down the crystal-clear rivers, you’ll encounter thrilling rapids, stunning jungle landscapes, and cascading waterfalls.


This heart-pounding experience is perfect for both adrenaline enthusiasts and nature lovers, providing an unforgettable way to explore Bali’s untamed wilderness. With professional guides ensuring your safety, white water rafting in Bali promises an unforgettable and action-packed journey for all who seek a taste of adventure in this tropical paradise.

Rafting Only (Min. 2 pax)

Short Trip (1 Hour) + Lunch

IDR 620.000

Long Trip (2 Hours) + Lunch

IDR 1.240.000


Combination Package

Short Rafting + Swing + Lunch

IDR 1.160.000

Long Rafting + Swing + Lunch

IDR 1.780.000



Bali’s longest raft tour - 12kms

For ages 5 - 65 years old

Located in Ubud area

Tour duration approx. 3 - 4 hours

Change of clothes required

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